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Why need Kundli Milan before marriage?

At present, cases of divorce and tensions between the couples are increasing, in such a situation no parent would want their boy’s or girl’s marital life to be painful. The Graha Dasha is seen in the horoscope of the boy or girl.

According to the Shastra, how long the marriage will stay, whether it will be adjustment in a husband or wife or not, how the married life will be, is all decided by the Kundli Milan. It is considered necessary to get at least 18 of the 36 qualities of a boy-girl for marriage.

If you get less Guna than this, then the chances of staying married are very less. Learn about the secret behind Janma Patrika Gun Milan. Marriage with seven births has been considered in ancient Hindu Shastra for up to seven births and it has always been a tradition of matching the horoscope of bride and groom since ancient times.

With the influence of these planets, it is seen how successful their married life will be. If there is a bad influence of planets in the horoscope of a boy or a girl, it will definitely affect the life partner. The merits and demerits are matched. Before marriage, the merits and demerits of the bride and groom are matched.

Every parent has the same wish that his child should have a happy married life. Due to this, many times, the parents do not agree to the marriage if the horoscope does not match despite the girl being beautiful or rich. Our ethos, thoughts, character, behavior, merits, and demerits are created on the basis of planets. Horoscope matching gives complete accurate information about all.
The information about the financial situation is known from the horoscope only, whether the bride and groom both prove to be partners for each other’s success in the future.

By matching the bride’s bride’s horoscope, the future information of both of them together is obtained. Not only this, but the horoscope also shows age, financial status, important elements in making married life happy. Hence horoscope matching is done before marriage.

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