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prashna kundli astrology by deepak goutam
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What is Prashna Kundli consultation ?

Not everyone knows their birth date and time, sometimes it is just not possible for the parents to keep track of these. But Astrology does have a way for life analysis of the individuals who do not know their birth details or are not sure whether they are correct or not. In situations like these, astrology makes use of Prashna Kundli.

of course, not every astrologer resort to this tactic. But it is still used widely.

In Hindi, ‘Prashna’ signifies Question and ‘Kundli’ signifies birth graph. So in a real sense, the term Prashna Kundli implies the birth graph of an inquiry. In more detail, Prashna Kundli is essentially the birth graph made dependent on the date and time when the individual poses the inquiry. Through the Prashna Kundli, one can know if an occasion will happen.

Much the same as customary Kundli, in this significance, is given to:

  1. Ascendant indication of the local.
  2. Each house and zodiac sign portrayals are completely unique.

The ascendant in Prashna Kundli addresses the individual who poses the inquiry. The seventh house addresses the topic about which the inquiry is posed. The investigation is done based on the planet that the ascendant addresses. Thus, the stargazers think about into all that while examining the ascendant of a kundali. To realize which question is identified with the planet, which takes a gander at the planet ascendant in full view, it tends to be an inquiry identified with that planet or a planet which is solid in the horoscope, it tends to be an inquiry identified with that planet. One can know the explanations for internal change through Prashna Kundali. In Prashna Kundali, the inquiry posed is found comparable to the ascendant sign.

The zodiac sign in the ascendant house is simply the shadow of the poll. The seventh house is likewise viewed as significant comparable to the inquiry. The idea of the inquiry is gotten from the planet in the ascendant house or from the planet aspecting the ascendant house.

The horoscope serves to demonstrate the way of bliss and distress throughout everyday life. The Prashna Kundli gives significant data about the conceivable result of identified with the inquiry posed. Ordinarily a horoscope isn’t accessible on the off chance that it is inaccessible, at that point because of absence of distinct data about the hour of birth, the prediction would not be right.

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