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What is Vastu consultation?

Every person must keep a check of Vastu once before building a house. In the house, from the clock to the table, people take special care that the direction is correct according to Vastu.

Everything in the house is conducive to the corner directions so that positive energy flows in the house, but many people do not know what Vastu Shastra is. Pandit Deepak Goutam, the astrologer of the Ujjain city, explains that Vastu Shastra is a mode that suggests making a map of the house according to the nature of the directions so that every corner of your house is adapted to the directions so that positive energy is maintained in every corner.

But when the house is not built according to Vastu, the negativity increases in the area of the house which is not favorable to the direction, which creates a bottleneck in the happiness and prosperity of the family.

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